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Chairman, Statistics Committee Park City / Deer Valley
  • Sales volume has leveled at normal levels; less activity in some significant market areas.
  • Inventory has increased to normal levels from record lows...
  • Vacant Land sales are now a leading segment.
  • As ever, the Park City market is complex and fragmented. Careful analysis is required to evaluate opportunities in discrete niches.
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" My wife and I have moved every 24 months for 20 years. We know how to buy and sell property, and one of our secrets is to work with the top producer in the area. I tracked Carol down while we were living in Zurich. I could tell from the first call that she listened well. She showed us properties that were exactly like what we had requested. Carol ensured that we included some key provisions in the purchase contract that other less fortunate owners forgot to include when they bought. I only recommend people who have earned my respect, trust, and who deliver outstanding service. "

Chris Thompson

" Of all the individuals who have supported our six real estate transactions over the past 17 years (including in Manhattan), Carol and her exceptional level of professionalism have vastly surpassed our expectations. In every one of the dozen-plus homes we visited, Carol was greeted by the sellers’ agent with friendliness and relief. More than once, the agent mentioned how easy and efficient Carol was to work with. In a field rife with competition and potentially charged situations, her network of satisfied counterparts is seemingly endless, underscoring a strongly positive reputation that borders on being a local institution in herself. Carol pairs the tireless resourcefulness of an expert saleswoman with the natural authenticity of someone who builds community. "

Ann and Jonathon Evans

How To Play

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Agle Playing Tips

In and around Park City, there are five private golf courses and nine courses open to the public.  One of Alan’s favorites is the Park City Municipal Golf Course in the center of town.  It’s a beautiful course in design, maintenance, and scenery, and locals can even buy a season pass – just like for skiing.  Alan has assembled some tips for playing the course from, let’s just say, repeated experience.


Park City Municipal Golf Course


A great starting hole. Not prudently reachable in two (even long hitters: note a serious amount of danger around the green).  Therefore, a good strategy is to start your round with a 3-wood or less, as the hole is a bit narrow. This is a terrific hole for getting warmed up by not being over aggressive. 


Plays, even on windy days, pretty much to its marked length.  It’s not as much downhill as it appears. The pond is longer to the left side; favor the right if in doubt about the carry.


The angle to hit is the crux of this hole.  Long hitters: careful, as if you go straight over the bunker, or left of it, you are likely to run through the fairway into trees.


There is concealed (elevated pond) water on the right side. The second shot is the difficult one; it gets narrow.  Many players will hit less club here to remain safe, even though the shot to the green is a bit longer.  The green is large, so this is prudent and reasonable tactic.


Favor the left side of the fairway, as the slope from left to right will take even a soft fade out of play.


This is a very intricate hole.  Not much required on the first shot, but the second is a very touchy mid- to short-range shot.  If possible, try to land below the hole; this is one of the toughest greens on the course.


For some reason, people seem to hit out of bounds left here a lot.  The fairway is large; aim just a bit right of the tree for generous roll. The green is a bit less steep than most people read it.


A challenging, long and uphill par 3.  The green is large; just be sure to take enough club off the tee.  If you are not hitting straight so far, take less and play a lay-up and hope to get up and down.  Shots not straight on this hole are likely to end up under trees.


A great hole for the end of the front nine.  I see a lot of people leave the second shot a bit short; it is just a bit uphill which is hard to read.  Caution: there is a small stream cut off the right side of the fairway not in sight from the tee box.


This hole has been modified to be a bit shorter than originally designed.  Very straightforward, except that the right margin of the fairway at the dogleg left is a bit closer than many people realize. I see long hitters end up in trees or o/b there frequently.


This hole does not reward length, and in fact imperils the longer hitter, as there are problems on both sides of the fairway, and blocked angles to the green farther down.  Best to aim for the large willow tree on the left side, and stay well short of it for the best approach shot.


The drive is crucial, as this is a long hole.  Also, don’t be short on the approach (and it’s a bit uphill!) as there is abundant water both left and right short of the green.


Enjoy!  This is a scenic, straightforward par three, a respite between two demanding par four holes.


This hole destroys people.  The tip: don’t overhit the drive trying for length.  There are trees both left and right; you need to be in the fairway off the tee.  The good news: from the fairway, although the hole is severely uphill (like two clubs worth!) the green is enormous and you really CAN get there in two shots, even if the second is a wood.


Another relaxing hole, except long hitters need to be a bit cautious.  The trees on the right side at the dogleg left are in range for you!


Somewhat similar to number 1 – it’s a long par five; don’t expect to reach in two.  Therefore, plan comfortable, less-than-maximum swings off the tee and second shot.  People who overhit on this hole frequently are in distress under the abundant trees both left and right.  Take it easy for the first two shots!


This looks, and plays for the unwary, a lot harder than it should.  If you’re not hitting straight today, short is fine.  The green is uphill, an aggressive up-and-down often yields par even for tee shots which are short. Conversely, pin-high but left or right is problematic.


Full length off the tee is not necessary: just get in play.  This is a layup hole.  Sometimes I try for it in two. You may be tempted.  For me, at least, a big mistake.

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